Learn more about coming to Rutgers-Camden as a transfer student.

Starting the Enrollment Process

You accept admission to Rutgers-Camden by confirming your attendance and paying the deposit. The easiest way to accept your admission and pay the $150 nonrefundable acceptance fee is to do so online through your Rutgers status screen. You may also submit your payment along with your admissions acknowledgement form included in your packet. 

Once you have confirmed that you will be attending Rutgers University-Camden, you must submit an official high school transcript, and if applicable, send in any AP scores or college transcripts for transfer credits to the Rutgers-Camden Admissions Office, 406 Penn Street, Camden, NJ 08102. You will receive notice from the Office of the Registrar, (856) 225-6053, that you have been awarded credit for the courses for which official transcripts or score reports were submitted as well as the Rutgers-Camden equivalency for the course(s). You can also see your online transcript through the same website to confirm that the courses have been posted using your Rutgers NetID and password.

Placement Testing

You will receive notification from the Office of New Student Programs about signing up for the next placement test via email. You can find out more information about the placement test, and sign up for the test through Enrollment Services, (856) 225-6689. Almost all freshmen will require placement testing. A reminder will be sent a week prior to the test date.

There are three placement tests offered on each test date.

  1. Math placement: required for all freshmen unless they have college credit (through AP or college transcript) for pre-calculus or calculus.
  2. English placement: equired for all students with less than 500 on the verbal/critical reading part of the SAT.  Students with a score of 500 or greater on the SAT verbal/critical reading are exempt from this exam.
  3. Foreign Language (Spanish, French and German) placement: required for students majoring in Arts and Sciences and planning to continue in the language that they studied in high school.

Note: The Elementary II level or higher of a spoken foreign language is a graduation requirement for all Arts & Sciences majors at Rutgers-Camden. It is recommended that all students who studied a foreign language in high school take this exam in order to continue in their language right away.

The sooner that students take the placement tests, the sooner they will be able to register for classes. The tests are critical step in the enrollment process.

Advising and Registration

Once placement testing is completed, freshmen may sign up for “Keys to Success.” This program will introduce new students to the college and provide guidance in selecting classes. Generally, students will select an English and math course based on the results of the placement test, a freshman seminar and one or two courses in the prospective major.