• transfer evaluations are done when students are accepted. Courses from other colleges are given Rutgers equivalents. Grades from prior colleges are not transferred in, only course credits.  A maximum of 60 credits are accepted from 2 year colleges. There is no limit of the number of credits accepted from a four-year college, but students are expected to earn a minimum of 30 credits from Rutgers Camden for a degree.
  • department evaluation of transfer credits form – some courses require further evaluation to determine Rutgers equivalents. You would contact Megan Zeller in The Office of New Student Programs.  
  • matriculated students at Rutgers-Camden are expected to take all their courses at Rutgers-Camden unless a course required for graduation is not offered during a student’s final term. Lower tuition, scheduling convenience, or traveling distance are not considered sufficient cause for taking courses elsewhere. Prior to enrollment, students who wish to enroll at another college for credits must submit a transient application form, available from the offices of academic deans, for approval by the chairperson of their major department, the chairperson of the department in which the equivalent course is offered, and the appropriate Arts and Sciences dean. Under no circumstances will transient approval be granted retroactively. 

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