There are three distinct kinds of online courses. The first is the hybrid. Hybrids do require some actual classroom time. Usually, the professor will call the class to campus for a mid-term and/or final. Sometimes there may be a presentation requirement for the class. When registering, the hybrids will list the dates students would need to come to campus.

The other kind of online course is an open online or asynchronous course. With open online courses, students do not have to come to campus, nor are they required to be on their computers at any specific time. Professors make assignments, list quizzes, exams, etc. and students are given a deadline in which to complete said work.

Finally, there is the synchronous online course. For these courses, students are expected to be online at a specific time. These courses are identified with a specific day and time next to their registration. (Professors may expect specific equipment for these kinds of courses).

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