Writing Intensive – General Education Requirement

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If a major does not offer a writing intensive course, the writing courses listed below will satisfy the writing intensive requirement (general education) in the College of Arts and Science.   If you have any questions regarding the writing intensive requirement, please consult with your advisor.  

50:350:102 (Comp II) is the prereq for the writing courses listed below.


Writing (989)
50:989:300 – Writing Public Arguments, online, sakai
Offered: summer session I

50:989:301 – Art of Revision, online, sakai
Offered:  summer sessions II and III

*Summer session I = 5/31 – 6/24
*Summer session II = 6/27 – 7/22
*Summer session III = 7/25 – 8/17

*Students can register for 4.0 credits per summer session. 

*Please consult the Summer Session Office for further information: