Fall 2015 Registration

FALL 2015 REGISTRATION: IMPORTANT INFORMATION Registration for Fall 2015 begins at 6:00am on Monday, April 13.  You can register at webreg.rutgers.edu. Monday, April 13 = 90 or more earned credits Tuesday, April 14 = 60 or more earned credits Wednesday, April 15 = All students *Make an appointment with your advisor now.  Appointments are filling up … Continue reading Fall 2015 Registration

Senior Review

Senior Review: You’ve heard the term but what exactly is it? When should I do it? How is it helpful? Senior Review is a brief meeting you have with your professional advisor in the Office of Academic Advising to review general education requirements and overall credit count. Then in some cases, you may also have … Continue reading Senior Review


So, you are walking around campus and a friend of yours comes up to you and asks what you are majoring in.  You reluctantly tell them that you are Undeclared.  But why are you so reluctant to say that?  Is it such a bad thing?  I’m here to tell you that not only is there … Continue reading Undecided?

Attention Class of 2015 Seniors! ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY!!

If you plan on participating in the May 2015 Commencement Ceremony scheduled for May 21, 2015, you MUST attend one of the following information session: All session will be held in the Fine Art Building, Room 110: Tuesday, March 3, 12:20-130pm or 5-6pm Wednesday, March 4, 12:10-1:20pm or 5-6pm Thursday, March 5, 12:20-1:30pm Topics to … Continue reading Attention Class of 2015 Seniors! ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY!!

October 2014 | Newsletter

New CCAS Advising Email Usage Policy: As of January 1, 2015, the Camden College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office will no longer be responding to non-Rutgers based email addresses.  Email is the official form of communication of our office and thus it is crucial that you check this email account regularly.  Thank you for … Continue reading October 2014 | Newsletter