Rutgers Camden–University College is only for students who apply to one of the Off-Campus Programs (Atlantic Cape, Brookdale, Camden County College, Raritan Valley, or Western Monmouth). 

Any student who wants to attend the main campus in Camden should submit a school-to-school application for the Rutgers University–Camden College of Arts and Sciences. 

Admission Criteria

Go to the School-to-School Transfer Application.


Students must have completed a minimum of 12 credits at Rutgers University by the end of the current semester.

Grade Point Average

Students must have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 at Rutgers University.


  • Students should be planning to enroll in daytime courses.
  • Students must indicate on their application if they are currently under review for disciplinary action.
  • Students must successfully complete a minimum of 30 new credits at Rutgers University–Camden.


  • Students must remain in good academic standing at their current college and satisfactorily complete the current semester.
  • Any additional conditions will be noted in the notification message to admitted students.

Required Documents

Rutgers University Registrar will automatically forward the applicant’s Rutgers academic transcript to the college after submission of the online application.

Copies of transcripts from other colleges (if applicable) are acceptable. Send transcripts directly to the Admissions Office, 406 Penn Street, Camden, NJ 08102-1400.

Graduation Requirements

All students are required to complete general education requirements, major requirements, and earn a minimum of 120 credits to be eligible to obtain a degree from Rutgers University–Camden. Additionally, students must have a 2.00 or higher cumulative grade point average. Click here to learn more about general and major requirements at Rutgers University–Camden.

Students who transfer into RUC from other Rutgers institutions with senior status must earn a minimum of 30 credits while registered as UC students to receive a bachelor’s degree from the school.

There are a couple of specialized majors that do not require general education requirements. Please contact the CCAS Advising Office directly for guidance with these majors (856) 225-6043.

College Contacts

Application Deadline/Procedures and Notification Schedule

Students interested in applying for admission to Rutgers Camden-University College must submit the school-to-school transfer online application no later than January 9 for the spring semester and August 17 for the fall semester.

Applicants will receive notification of their admissions decision via email on or before January 12 for the spring semester and August 21 for the fall semester.

Orientation/Advising/Registration Information

Admitted students may call the College contact listed above, to schedule an appointment for advising and/or course selections for the upcoming term.

College Enrollment

By submitting an online application, an admitted student declares his/her intention to enroll at Rutgers Camden–University College for the upcoming term. An off-campus program manager will notify the university registrar to change the student’s college of registration to Rutgers Camden–University College.

Withdrawal of Application

Prior to a decision, an applicant may withdraw his/her application by visiting the status screen and clicking on “Withdraw My Application.”

If a decision has been made, the re-enrolled student must notify the college contact immediately to properly update the student’s and school’s records to reflect the change in enrollment plans. 

University Housing

Students with questions may contact the Office of Campus Involvement and Residence Life at (856) 225-6471, or visit their site to inquire about housing opportunities on the campus for the upcoming semester. Housing accommodations are assigned to school-to-school transfers on a space-available basis.

Accommodation Under ADA/Section 504

Students currently receiving accommodation should inform their current campus coordinator of their intention to transfer. Contact the Learning Center directly (856) 225-6442 to arrange accommodation in Camden. For information about disability services, visit the Disability Services site.

Financial Aid

A transfer may affect financial aid and/or scholarships. Students should contact financial aid at (856) 225-6039, if they have any questions, or visit their site.