A printable checklist of these tasks is available for download.

August 2019 Graduation Module Assignments

  1. Confirm Your Graduation Plan
    • You have been added to this program because your credit count shows you to be eligible. Send an email to artsci_commencement@camden.rutgers.edu by June 14 if you are NOT planning to be an August graduate. If you do not send communication by this time, it will be assumed you are planning to be an August graduate.
  2. Submit a Diploma Application
    • The Diploma Application is a mandatory part of the graduation process. All students must submit a Diploma Application by August 15. There are no exceptions and this deadline is firm. The Diploma Application can be accessed via http://bit.ly/2Nv5VdX.
  3. Attend a Senior Review with your Advisor
    • Communicate with your academic advisor (either through email, phone, or in-person appointment) to confirm your degree requirements are in process of being completed by semester’s end. Senior Reviews must be completed by August 15. If you had your Senior Review completed in the fall, please email this information to artsci_commencement@camden.rutgers.edu.  
    • The FASC Commencement Committee will work with Honors College staff and partnership campus advisors to confirm that those students’ Senior Reviews have been completed.

When it becomes available, we will communicate information regarding the commencement ceremony with you. It is very important that when you submit your Diploma Application you provide us with an email address and mailing address that are up-to-date. If any changes need to be made to the Diploma Application once you submit the form, please email us at artsci_commencement@camden.rutgers.edu.