Dear College of Arts and Sciences Students:

If you are planning to take summer 2020 courses, particularly at institutions other than Rutgers, I want to take this opportunity to remind you of the school’s policy on transient work. 

The application reads as follows:

I understand that Matriculated students at Rutgers University-Camden are expected to take all their courses at Rutgers University-Camden, unless they receive permission in advance to take a course at another institution. Exceptions will not normally be given for courses needed to meet general curricular requirements. Exceptions may be granted if a student has only one term before graduation and needs a course that is not being offered during that term, or when a student’s major department authorizes taking an advanced or specialized course not available at Rutgers-Camden. Lower tuition, scheduling convenience, or traveling distance are not sufficient cause for taking courses elsewhere.

Prior to enrollment, students who wish to enroll at another college for credit must submit a transient application form, available from the Office of Academic Advising, for approval by the chairperson of their major department, the chairperson of the department in which the equivalent course is offered, and the associate dean of the college. Transient credit approval will not be granted retroactively. Please note: There is a 60 transfer-credit maximum from two year institutions and a 90 transfer-credit maximum from other four-year institutions.

Please note the application MUST be made PRIOR to the semester requested.  Here is a link to the form: