Senior Review: You’ve heard the term but what exactly is it? When should I do it? How is it helpful? Senior Review is a brief meeting you have with your professional advisor in the Office of Academic Advising to review general education requirements and overall credit count. Then in some cases, you may also have to meet with your faculty advisor to review major and/or minor requirements. The Office of Advising recommends you plan on having your senior review right around the time you hit senior status, or a minimum of 90 credits. Since you need at least 120 credits to graduate, this 90 credit threshold is plenty of time to plan upcoming semesters and possible summer sessions.

Certainly the senior review is a valuable meeting you can have with your academic advisor, but it’s also VERY important to connect with the Career Center. Hopefully this has been done this BEFORE senior year but it’s certainly something you will want to do DURING your senior year. The Career Center plans terrific workshops, interesting speaker series and exciting career days. These events are far too important to ignore—especially during senior year. Senior year is indeed a stressful time. The Office of Advising understands that. We’re here to help you make sure you are taking the courses and credits needed for graduation and reminding of the fantastic opportunities and advantages you have on this small campus. You owe it to yourself to utilize EVERY resource Rutgers-Camden offers! Keep up the GOOD work. . . you’re almost there!