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Attention: Class of 2016: College of Arts and Sciences (50), University College (64), Graduate School (56) 


Commencement Date: Thursday May 19, 2016
Time: 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Location: BB&T Pavillion
Keynote: Lisa Ciaranca Kaplan

Commencement details:
  • Degree candidates should report at 4:30 p.m. to the Benjamin Franklin Lobby at the BB&T Pavilion. 
  • Guests do not enter through the Benjamin Franklin Lobby and should enter through the Walt Whitman Lobby. Details below.
  • College of Arts and Sciences and University College, and Graduate School commencement ceremony will take place at 6 p.m. at the BB&T Pavilion. 
  • Graduating students who require special assistance such as wheelchair access should visit for information on whom they should contact to set up special accommodations by Friday, May 6th.
  • There is no rehearsal of commencement. 
  • Graduation Attire/Regalia may be purchased at the University District Bookstore up until May 19th (click here for details).
  • The Center is not climate controlled and may be cool when outside temperatures are below 60 degrees.
  • All graduates are expected to remain until the end of the ceremony. Diplomas will be mailed to your home address within four to six weeks after the ceremony.  If you wish to receive it sooner, please visit the Office of the Registrar during normal business hours (Monday – Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.; closed weekends).
  • A reception will be held for graduating students on May 17th. Details below.
  • For the schedule of all events taking place on commencement day, visit 
Order of Ceremony:

ACADEMIC PROCESSION:  Degree candidates should report at 4:30 p.m. to the Benjamin Franklin Lobby at the BB&T Pavilion.  Marshals will provide complete instructions at that time.  CANDIDATES WILL PROCESS BY MAJOR.  Doctoral candidates will process first, followed by master’s degree candidates, then Bachelor of Sciences degree recipients, followed by Bachelor of Arts’ degree recipients. Students with two majors process with the major that is alphabetically first, i.e. an English and Psychology major marches with English majors.

CONFERRING DEGREE:  Degrees will be conferred by major.  Marshals will start and guide each row of graduates to the stage.  Here a reader will announce the name of each candidate. Do not advance until your name is read.  After you shake hands with members of the administration, undergraduates are to switch the tassel of the cap from right to left and return to their original seats.  We ask that you behave courteously toward other graduates.  No air horns or any disruptive noisemakers will be permitted.  Graduates are also expected to remain for the duration of the ceremony. Diplomas will be mailed to your home address within four to six weeks after the ceremony

Guest details and Parking:

GUESTS: The BB&T Pavilion seats 6,600 people.  Family and friends are welcome; there are no tickets
Guests enter through the Walt Whitman Lobby and will be seated beginning at 5:00 p.m.  

SPECIAL NEEDS GUESTS:  Guests who require special accommodations should visit for information on available services and to register for special seating and wheelchair transport services by Friday, May 6th.

Please note that Rutgers plans on offering closed caption coverage of the ceremony.  Screens with closed captioning coverage will be viewable from the 100 and 104 sections. 

PARKING:  Free parking is available in the lots adjacent to the BB&T Pavilion.  Visit for additional information.  To assist guests with limited mobility, Rutgers will provide a tram from the parking lot to the entrance of the BB&T Pavilion.  Throughout the parking lot, there will be three pick-up points for the tram. These points will be designated with signs. The tram will run starting one hour prior to each ceremony and ending one hour after each ceremony.

Reception for Graduating Students

The Office of the Chancellor, the Office of Student Affairs, and the Rutgers University Alumni Association–Camden will also host a Graduating Student Reception on Tuesday, May 17th, from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. in the Emerge Plaza, which is located outside between the Paul Robeson Library and the Admissions Building.  This event is for graduating students only, and will give you the change to enjoy a jazz quartet, hors d’oeuvres, and a champagne toast to celebrate your achievements. 

  • This event is free with advance registration (register at; the fee is $2.50 without registration (due day of event). 
  • All pre-registered attendees will receive a free gift!

RUTGERS UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION: All Rutgers University graduates are automatically members of the Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA), the university-wide organization of more than 461,000 alumni. There are no membership dues to pay and no forms to complete. Visit for information on programs and benefits and to keep your contact information updated. Graduates of Rutgers University–Camden are also members of the Rutgers University–Camden Alumni Association (RUCAA), a chartered group of the RUAA. Contact RUCAA at or visit for information on how you can get involved with this active group of proud alumni.

Photography at Commencement:

A professional photographer will take your picture as you receive your degree and also when you leave the stage.  Life Touch (800/334-1531 x 2121) will contact you directly a few weeks after commencement.
Your guests are welcome to take photographs in the designated area near the stage while you are on it.  Please instruct them to leave this area immediately after taking photographs to provide room for others.


Quick links:

Calendar for Senior Events

January 2

First day to apply for a May 2016 degree

March 21 – 23

Graduation Fair

April 1

Last day to apply for a May 2016 degree

May 12

Honors Convocation

May 17

Chancellor’s Senior Celebration 
This event is free with advance registration (register at; the fee is $2.50 without registration (due day of event)

May 19


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Eligibility for Graduation

SENIOR REVIEW College of Arts and Sciences/University College – In August seniors were sent information on reviewing their General and Major Requirements through Degree Navigator. All seniors must meet with their faculty advisors in September or October to ensure that their major requirements are satisfied and plan their final semesters.

Honors College – All Honors College Seniors must meet with Assistant Dean Laura Collins to certify that they have satisfied their Honors College & General Education requirements. Students must submit a completed Senior Review Checklist (available on their website under resources Senior Review Checklist in order to graduate with Honors College Designation.

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Applying for Graduation

To be considered for graduation, CCAS/UC seniors must submit online diploma application through the Registrar’s Office.  Check your class year, major(s), and minor(s) for accuracy. If they need to be changed contact the Registrar’s Office. The Office of Academic Advising deans (366-68 Friends St.) oversee the final certification process. With your major department they will review your general and major requirements, in most cases using Degree Navigator. The Office of Academic Advising will notify you by email of your application status.

Application periods are:

September 1 – December 19 for a January dated degree
January 2 – April 1 for a May/June dated degree
June 9 – August 15 for an October dated degree

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Final Graduation Certification

The Board of Governors of the university confers degrees in May, upon the recommendation of the Camden faculty. To graduate, you must meet the following degree conditions:

  1. Earn a minimum of 30 of the final 42 credits as a regularly enrolled undergraduate at Rutgers Camden including 12 credits in the major.
  2. Complete at least 120 credits with a cumulative average of 2.0 or better.
  3. Fulfill all general requirements of the college.
  4. Fulfill the specific requirements of a major program.
  5. Discharge all academic, disciplinary, and financial obligations to the university

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October 2015 and January 2016 Graduates

All graduates are encouraged to attend Commencement in May. All diplomas (October, January, and May) will be mailed to the address on the diploma application. Please make sure it is accurate.


Minors must be indicated on the online diploma application.  Contact the Registrar’s Office to have minors noted correctly on your academic record.  Your minor department will approve the minor.

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What happens if degree requirements are not met?

Individuals who have not met their requirements for graduation will be notified. If a problem is discovered during the final certification process, notification will be made by certified mail or email. Students who are ineligible to graduate based on their grades will be notified by phone or email.

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Graduation with Honors

Students may graduate with honors if they complete at least 45 credits at Rutgers University as a matriculated student and earn cumulative grade point averages of:
Cum Laude– 3.50 to 3.74, Magna Cum Laude – 3.75 to 3.89, Summa Cum Laude – 3.90 to 4.0.Honors classifications are determined at the end of the student’s last semester. These averages are precise; rounding up is not done. Honors graduates may purchase red cords from the Bookstore to wear at Commencement. Honors designations are noted on the diploma, the transcript and the Commencement Program.

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Honors Convocation

Outstanding students will be recognized for departmental and college-wide honors as well as certain scholarships. Students being honored will be notified in March. The convocation date is to be determined. If you are being inducted you will receive registration information.

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Honor Societies

Selection of qualified students for all honors societies is made based on their standing in January of the relevant academic year. 

Athenaeum – College and Arts and Sciences
The members of Athenaeum are elected from among the best scholars in the upper classes. Membership is limited to seniors who have earned at least 60 credits at the college with a cumulative grade-point average of no less than 3.5 and juniors who have earned at least 75 credits at the college with a cumulative grade-point average of no less than 3.7. Eligibility will be determined in January 2016.

Alpha Sigma Lambda – University College
Open by invitation to students who have earned 75 credits, including a minimum of 45 credits at Rutgers-Camden. Students must have a 3.5 or better cumulative grade-point average. There is a fee to join this national honor society. Eligibility will be determined in January 2016. Generally, only the students attending the Rutgers-Camden satellite campuses (School 64) are eligible.

Phi Beta Kappa – College of Arts and Sciences and University College
To be considered for Phi Beta Kappa, students must have: 
• a liberal arts major
• grade-point averages of 3.5 for seniors and 3.8 for juniors
• 1 year of foreign language study at or above the Intermediate level 
• 60 credits at Rutgers

Eligibility will be determined in January 2016.

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Final Portrait Session:

TO SCHEDULE: Log onto, school code 34 or call 1-800-OUR-YEAR™ (1-800-687-9327)

Camden Campus Center Viewing Room

3/28/2016: Mon   9:00 AM     or      8:00 PM 
3/29/2016: Tue    9:00 AM     or      8:00 PM 
3/30/2016: Wed   9:00 AM     or      8:00 PM 
4/21/2016: Thu    9:00 AM     or      8:00 PM 

Men: Suit/Business Attire               Cap & Gown & Tassel: Black
Women: Blouse/Business Attire      Hood: Gold/White

Sitting Fee

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Graduation Attire/Regalia

The expected dress is the cap, gown and hood; the BA (Bachelor of Arts) hood is white and the BS (Bachelor of Science) hood is gold.  Regalia may be purchased at the University District Bookstore until May 19th.  The regalia for bachelor’s degree candidates cost $99.00 and for master’s degree candidates is $105.00.  Please note that the regalia is yours to keep.  Doctoral (Ph.D.) candidates should either visit or contact the University District Bookstore directly for their regalia. Their contact information is 856-968-1200 and  The bookstore is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday – Thursday, and Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The bookstore is closed on weekends.  The tassel of the cap is worn on the left by graduate students to signify an earned baccalaureate degree and on the right by the undergraduates.

HONORS GRADUATES (undergraduates only) may wear red and black twist cords with their regalia.  These cords will be available for purchase (the cost is $25.00; you may pay with cash or credit card) at the University District Bookstore, as well as prior to commencement line-up.  You must present picture ID (Rutgers ID card, drivers’ license, etc.). The requirements for honor cords are 45 credits at Rutgers University and a GPA of 3.5 or above

HONORS COLLEGE GRADUATES may also wear gold stoles, which they may pick up at the Honors College office. 

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Financial Aid

Students who received a Federal Loan while at Rutgers, are required to complete an Exit Interview. This can be completed on-line at Failure to complete this requirement will result in a financial hold placed on the transcript. To obtain a complete listing of all Federal loans received at Rutgers and any other school, visit

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Welcome to the Rutgers University Alumni Association!

The Rutgers University Alumni Association (RUAA) serves all alumni of Rutgers University. The purpose of the association is to advance the best interests and well-being of Rutgers University by engaging all alumni in the life of the institution through communication, programming, services, and volunteer opportunities. Membership in the RUAA is free and automatically granted to all graduates of Rutgers University, or any of its predecessor schools, upon graduation.

For more information, visit us at

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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

At Rutgers-Camden, our graduate students work with nationally and internationally recognized faculty in a small-campus environment where close attention to your educational aspirations is a priority. All of our graduate programs provide a flexible evening class schedule for working professionals, which will allow you to complete your education while still maintaining balance in your life. The Graduate School offers 13 degree-granting master’s programs in professional and liberal arts disciplines and two doctoral programs. We invite you to explore the numerous graduate opportunities at Rutgers-Camden by visiting our website at When you are ready to apply, visit our website at

Teacher Preparation and Second Degree Candidates

Graduates pursing teacher certification or second degrees who plan to continue attending Rutgers-Camden in the semester following graduation, will need to complete re-enrollment forms.

Please contact Dr. Sara Becker at with any specific questions.

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